How I became a Foodie!!

When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia (fibro) 12 years ago, I started on this good food thing. (It was mainly herbs back then)  A roommate and I cut out all sodas.  That was me “eating healthy.”  Wow! That was a long time ago and an entirely different menu.

As I learned more and tried things out I added small things.  Then I met this amazing man…. got married and an entirely new journey began.  Praise the Lord he trusted me w/ food and herbs. As we have been married, we have learned much about food together.  At first it was try to eat healthy out.  Now we are getting closer to complete traditional eating.

When we had been married about 6 months, we fell pregnant.  During the pregnancy I had a LOT of swelling (had a good bit before, but this was crazy) and almost fainted several times.  We discovered through this that I was very sensitive to MSG (monosodium glutamate).  We thought we were taking it out of our diet.  About 14 months after my son was born we went to California for an 8 week research trip for my husband to work out at the Lawerence Livermore National Lab.  On the way out there we listened to “The Great Physician Rx” – by Jordan Ruben.  I had been skeptical and didn’t want to pay full price.  So before we left we went to Half-Priced books to look for an audio book for my husband and sadly didn’t find anything.  But he found this for $2.00!! We got it and WOW were we impressed.  California is a GREAT place to spend a few weeks when you are trying to learn what healthy is because they have great, FRESH food everywhere.  We enjoyed farm fresh produce and RAW MILK!!!  When we got home we located a farm near us and she actually sold me the book Nurishing Tradition -by Sally Fallon.  WOW!! Overwhelming!!

Then about 1.5 years later we really realize that my sensitivity to MSG is significant.  We did a trial diet from and wow the difference in just 10 days.  (I have sense put many people on it and it has made such a HUGE differences in their lives)

My son has been sick since he was born.  Severe chest colds and asthma.  Sometimes w/ his chest caving in.  Sorry to say that it almost took us 3 years to figure out what it was.  (The full story is for another blog-post.)   We finally realized that he had a systemic yeast infection and it was the cause.  With in a few weeks I was realizing that I had to teach my almost 3 yo how to play out side because he had spent so much time being sick.  Sad day for this momma.  He has only been sick a couple of times this year!!!

He is not fully well, so we are endeavoring into the GAPS diet.  I am still trying to prep my kitchen (and brain) for this change.  Process is the name of the game for change in this house.  We are loving learning together.  It is so funny to now hear my 4 yo talk about how God’s-salt is good for you and the ways that refined salt is not.   He sees the difference, he knows that he does not want foods w/ sugar and yeast.

Well, I hope this in an encouragement to you and your journey to real food and real health!

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