Hello world!

Hello!  Today, I have decided to join the world of bloggers.  There is so much to say and so little time to say it in…. so, writing it all down is the avenue I have chosen to say it.

We are a family of four first borns!! My husband, myself, my son and our dog.  All first borns and all RIGHT, ALL of the time!!  Nothing is ever boring around here.  If you follow the Pearls, Debbie wrote a book “Created to be his Help-meet!” She decribes different types of men.  My man is a “VISIONARY”!!  This is very fun but very hard to keep track of.  My son is 4 yo and full of intellegence and vocabulary.  He is very inventive and has a GREAT imagination!  I am a headstrong woman who is trying to be what God has called – a help-meet. (Now that is a tall order!)

We are a God fearing and loving family w/ HIM at the forefront of our family.  We are pursueing traditional foods and sustainable lifestyle choices.  We love well trained and raised children and families that are on their own journey towards these goals.  This is going to be our place to document our progress and failures.  Hope you join us on the journey towards doing things God’s Way!!!

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